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We are special and of quality, with us you can celebrate a wedding, a baptism, party or event.

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Welcome to JC & LIZ Enterprise LLC.

At JC & LIZ Enterprise LLC we have unique and complete services for quinceanera events and weddings. We customize packages to fit your dreams, needs and budget in Indianapolis.

  • Our Objective

    We understand that planning an event requires a lot of effort, time and of course a lot of patience. That's why we're here to offer a personalized, creative and personalized luxury decorating service.

  • Experience

    The experience and quality with which we have taken to guarantee from beginning to end an excellent professional service.

about jc liz enterprise llc

Enterprise LLC

JC & LIZ Enterprise LLC

We customize any theme for any occasion. .

From simple arrangements to amazing backgrounds, we work with you to create custom designs that inspire and meet your exact needs. Sit back and relax as we give life to your vision!









JC & LIZ Enterprise LLC

Transform dreams into precious memories.


Our commitment is to provide the best to our customers. The experience we have gained has given us the possibility to create any design you want.


We specialize in helping you visualize and make an indescribable experience that will create lasting memories.


Reaching more people by pleasing and innovating with our services, grow, create and make each occasion or event special, unique and unforgettable.

JC & LIZ Enterprise LLC

Get to know us before you start everything.

Our main commitment is to carry out a planning process for each event. We provide exceptional service to meet your needs and budget.

From weddings y quinceaños, we arrange for any type of event you can imagine, we strive to make this happen.

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